USA Afrikaans Credit

Is this your situation?

* You are in the United States or studying at a US Institution or an institution affiliated within the US education system (e.g. high school or university).
* You have Afrikaans abilities
* You want credit for Afrikaans either as a high school subject or credit for one or more semesters of college level Afrikaans

Daar is hulp beskikbaar.

Dr. Du Plessis has been teaching Afrikaans at the college level in the USA since 1984. He is an ACTFL certified evaluator of oral proficiency interviews for Afrikaans.

If you to be evaluated, or your want help to prepare for an exam, or want to take the exam for either high school or college credit, please contact Dr Du Plessis at jacquesdup*at*gmail*dot*com.

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A Broad Introduction to Learning Afrikaans

01 Learning Introduction

02 Intro to Afrikaans

03 Tenses

04 Negation & Questions

05 Verbs: Modals

06 Verbs: Prefixed

07 Verb: to BE

08 Verb: to HAVE

09 3rd Position

10 Clause Starts

11 Infinitives

12 The 3rd Spot

13 Pronouns

14 Verbs

15 Verbs and Prepositions

16 Conjunctions
17 Intro to Afrikaans Grammar

18 Persoonlike Vrae

19 Afrikaans 101 Overview

20 Storie: Wolraad Woltemade